Fourwinds Services

Searching and supply coal products

Deep rivets of expertise and knowledge of the workings of the coal market, together with value-added services, position our company, as a leading coal supplier in Europe and behind its border.

To be an effective coal merchant, an organisation requires staff with embedded knowledge of coal markets, clients with a demand for coal, a deep understanding of market influences, the ability to source the correct grade of coal to match client needs, as well as long and established relationships with mines and customers – we have all these properties.

We currently have contracts with various leading mining houses to supply us with a variety of coal, never the less we are always investigating new possibilities to stay ahead and provide our customers with the best possible price structure and products.

Transportation services

We have an inland direct sales operation procuring coal from various mines and using a number of reliable inland hauliers to deliver coal timely to the customer. We can deliver coal in smaller loads and service the seasonal domestic market with its own fleet of vehicles.

Fourwinds has a storage contracts in many coast and seaports, where coal is received from road transporters and redistributed by the company's fleet or alternatively the coal is supplied on a mine direct basis.

In addition to commercial and marketing services, company provides technical assistance to consumers for coal and plant related problems, the goal being - the efficient use of the coal.